Did Amazon Take Down One of Your Lucrative Listings?

Used Sold as New
Not as Described
Not as Advertised
Safety Complaints
...and more

Every day Amazon shuts down sellers' profitable ASINs(listings) for product quality issues or policy violations. Even more concerning, these warnings are usually all a seller gets before they are suspended. It is important that you respond to each ASIN suspension even if you don't intend to sell that item any longer.

At eGrowth Partners, we help you get back to making money.

** Please Note, Copyright Infringement cases may require the additional hiring of an IP attorney, depending on your situation.


Have Multiple ASINs Suspended?

Sign up now and we'll let you know what more it will cost for us to handle your additional ASINs. If it is the same issue, we can often bundle them into one appeal. For separate issues, we will give you a custom quote.

If the ASIN suspended is one of your most profitable ASIN and you would like us to prioritize your case, please click this link for our expedited services.

Here is what we offer...

  • A brief consultation about your situation

  • Appeal drafted and submitted

  • Advice on how to resolve the issue permanently with Amazon - Avoid repeats of the same issue over and over.

  • Follow up as needed with Amazon to get to a final answer.  We are here for you.

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